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Automate your trading
by the end of today,
not next week.

Setup your TradingView alerts in 1 hour.
Setup the PineConnector EA on your Metatrader in 15 minutes.
TradingView alerts to MT4 and MT5 in 1 second.

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    Attach PineConnector EA on your MT4/5

    Attach the PineConnector Expert Advisor (EA) on your MT4/5 terminal to connect to our server.

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    pineconnector mt4 mt5 tradingview bridge bot expert advisor ea webhook supertrend pine script server automation

    Configure TradingView alerts

    Create TradingView alerts based on your strategies with your trading instructions.

    e.g. ID,buy,EURUSD,sl=10,tp=20,risk=1

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    pineconnector mt4 mt5 tradingview bridge bot expert advisor ea webhook supertrend pine script server automation charts symbols instrument forex currencies indices nas100 us100 nasdaq

    Automatic execution on your MT4/5

    Our EA will process the alert message and execute your instructions within 1 second*.

    *typical execution time

We've built features that you may
need in your trading.

Looking to trail your SL?
Running multiple strategies at the same time?
Trade the way you want with minimal coding.

  • pineconnector SL and TP targets

    SL and TP Targets

    Run your strategies with your SL and TP based on various target types — toggle between price, pips and percentage.

  • pineconnector pyramiding EA feature


    Control your scaling of positions with pyramiding. Scale-up only when profitable? No scaling up at all? All possible.

  • pineconnector Close on Reverse EA feature

    Close on Reverse

    Automatically closeyour buy positions upon incoming sell signal, and vice-versa with the "Close on Reverse" feature.

  • pineconnector comprehensive entry commands buy sell buylimit selllmit buystop sellstop

    Entry Commands

    Enter trades at the market, or via pending orders.

    Market Orders: buy, sell

    Pending Orders: buystop, buylimit, sellstop, selllimit

  • pineconnector modification comands closelong closehshort newsltplong newsltpshort closelongpct closeshortpct closelongvol closeshortvol cancellong cancelshort newsltpbuystop newsltpsellstop newsltpbuylimit newsltpselllimit

    One-off Commands

    Close, cancel and mange your positions with one-off commands.

    Market Orders: closelong, closeshort, closelongshort, newsltplong, newsltpshort, closelongpct, closeshortpct, closelongvol, closeshortvol

    Pending Orders: cancellong, cancelshort, newsltpbuystop, newsltpsellstop, newsltpbuylimit, newsltpselllimit

  • pineconnector breakeven feature ATR trailing pips trailing betrigger beoffset trailtrig traildist atrtimeframe atrperiod atrshift

    Auto Commands

    Have your SL modified automatically - pip by pip, or ATR.

    Breakeven: betrigger, beoffset

    Pips & ATR Trailing: trailtrig, traildist, trailstep, atrtimeframe, atrperiod, atrshift

High-speed, low-effort:
let your trading be both.

Automated trading for swing traders to scalpers.
100 trades or 1 trade a day — no sweat.

The PineConnector trading bot allowed me to connect to my brokers on MT4 within 30 minutes despite being not-so tech savvy. Thanks!

Swing Trader

I had questions so I reached out to PineConnector Support. They replied pretty quickly. Thanks a ton Tom!


PineConnector's detailed guides allowed me to setup the bridge without external assistance. Everything I have to know is there!

Day Trader


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