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Trade the way

Looking to trail your SL?
Running multiple strategies at the same time?

We got you — 11 readily-built features to kickstart your trading.

*Psst, with many more to come!

Popular features

SL and TP Targets

Run your strategies with your SL and TP based on various target types — toggle between price, pips or percentage from open price.


Want to scale up your position only if ongoing trades with the same direction and symbol are profitable? No scaling up at all? All possible.

View all EA features

Close on Reverse

Running a trending strategy whereby you want to close your buy positions BEFORE opening a sell position upon receipt of a sell signal? Set "Close on Reverse" to true. Easy.

Comprehensive Entry Commands

Enter immediately with market commands, or send pending orders to get filled with minimal slippage — we have the entire range of entry commands available.


Manual Trade Modification Commands

Looking to tweak your SL or TP based on your TradingView script? Looking to close trades based on your TradingView chart? Sure.

closelong,closeshort,cancellong,cancelshort, newsltplong,newsltpshort

view all syntax commands

Automatic Trade Modification Commands

Have your SL modified automatically — once SL crosses your entry price, or trail your SL pip by pip, or based on ATR.

betrigger,beoffset/trailtrig,traildist,trailstep/ atrtimeframe,atrperiod

Transform your trading from manual to supernormal.

Setup your TradingView alerts in 1 hour.
Setup the PineConnector EA on your Metatrader in 15 minutes.

TradingView alerts to MT4 and MT5 in 1 second.

how it works

(1) Attach EA on your MT4/5

Attach the PineConnector EA to connect your trading account to our server — You will only have to attach the EA to any ONE chart to trigger trades on all symbols.

(2) Setup alerts on TV

Configure your TradingView strategies or indicators with the appropriate alert messages pointing to our webhook address.

e.g. ID,buy,EURUSD,sl=10,tp=20,risk=1

(3) Execution on your MT4/5

Signals will be relayed to the EA and the appropriate trades will be executed as per alert message.

High-speed, low-effort:
let your trading be both.

Automated trading for swing traders to scalpers.

100 trades or 1 trade a day — no sweat.

The PineConnector trading bot allowed me to connect to my brokers on MT4 within 30 minutes despite being not-so tech savvy. Thanks!

Andrew, Swing Trader

PineConnector's detailed guides allowed me to setup the bridge without external assistance. Everything I have to know is there!

Jackson, Day Trader

I had questions so I reached out to PineConnector Support. They replied pretty quickly. Thanks Tom!

Grace, Trader

Frequently asked questions


The 7-day free trial works by having you set-up the PineConnector EA on your Metatrader 4/5. When you key in your license ID, the license will automatically allow 7-day of use. To continue using, you will have to purchase a license in our store. The trial is to allow you to know whether PineConnector is right for you.

All new users qualify for a free trial.

Please note that creating another account does not entitle you to another trial.

After the 7-days free trial, the EA will automatically remove itself from your MetaTrader platform and you will not be able to log-in with your license ID. To continue using the PineConnector service, you will have to subscribe to a license plan found in our store.

There are no limitations when you are on your free trial. The features and execution speed is exactly the same as the paid version.

Yes you may. While the trial-license is linked to the first trading account you attach the EA to, you may transfer the trial license to a different trading account by using the license transfer form found in the members area. The transfer will be done within minutes.

If you have questions, please feel free to send us an email at or leave us a message by click the blue icon at the bottom right of any PineConnector page. We usually reply within 1 working day.


Yes they can be on separate computers or VPS.

No. Only your MetaTrader.

We do not facilitate refunds in any case.

We take data privacy and security seriously at PineConnector. We only collect necessary informaiton to facilitate the conversion from TradingView alerts to MetaTrader trades. We only collect your TradingView alert message that you sent to our server, your trading account number and your trading account name.

Other data such as your broker details and account balance are NOT collected.

Yes, PineConnector EAs are compatible with VPS which are running Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 or newer.

Also, please ensure that your VPS provider allows DLL imports.

Change the quantity of the licenses in checkout.

For purchases of 2 licenses, you qualify for a 10% discount off the recurring bill. Apply the code "DUO at checkout.

For purchases of 3 or more licenses, you qualify for a 20% discount off the recurring bill. Apply the code "TRIO at checkout.

Simple fees,
all-inclusive price.

Quick, reliable and affordable automation for all retail traders.

A small price for the cure to your headache.


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  • ✔ One Trading Account
  • ✔ Transferrable License
  • ✔ MT4 or MT5
  • ✔ All EA Features
  • ✔ Unlimited Symbols
  • ✔ Unlimited Trades
  • ✔ Cancel Anytime
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billed monthly
  • ✔ One Trading Account
  • ✔ Transferrable License
  • ✔ MT4 or MT5
  • ✔ All EA Features
  • ✔ Unlimited Symbols
  • ✔ Unlimited Trades
  • ✔ Cancel Anytime
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Trusted by over 1141 traders from 239 cities in 50 countries

trades automated
No credit card required