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Pine Connector - TradingView to MT4 or MT5

Compatible with your favorite brokers and Prop firms

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Automate your strategy with PineConnector: 3 main steps.

Send us your TradingView signals, and we will process them on your MetaTrader terminal.

Attach PineConnector EA

step 1

Attach PineConnector EA

Attach the PineConnector Expert Advisor (EA) on your MetaTrader terminal.

Configure EA Settings

step 2

Configure EA Settings

Adjust the PineConnector EA settings to best implement your strategy.

Setting Tradingview Alerts

step 3

Setup TradingView Alerts

Create TradingView alerts based on your strategies with your trading instructions.

We've built features that you’ll need in your trading. Plug-and-play.

Trade the way you want with minimal coding.

Comprehensive Trading Orders

Comprehensive Trading Orders

Implement your trading strategy with any of our 31 commands.

Long the market, place a buy limit order, update the stop-loss, halt the EA remotely, close all trades and more — PineConnector provides endless possibilities.

Robust Risk Management

Robust Risk Management

Protect your trading capital against market volatility with our built-in safety net.

Set your daily and cumulative risk tolerance and profit targets in dollar or percentage terms for peace of mind.

Plentiful Customization Options

Plentiful Customization Options

Personalize how you’d like us to process your signals.

Limit your positions to one per symbol, set trading hours, and determine stop-loss and profit targets in percentage instead of pips — whatever works for you.

Explore the PineConnector EA

Trusted by retail traders, globally.

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Trades Automated

Automated trading is complex, we make it easy for you.

Getting started may be daunting. That’s why we’ve lined up resources to guide you through the process.

Easy-to-Read Documentation

Easy-to-Read Documentation

We provide step-by-step visual guides so you can implement trading automation in a jiffy.

Our well designed documentation provides you relevant graphics, TradingView and MetaTrader tips, and debugging steps during your onboarding.

Open PineConnector Documentation
Dedicated Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support

We address your queries quickly and effectively to maximize your trading potential.

Performance numbers for PineConnector Support for September 2023:
• 945 conversations
• 4.73-star average satisfaction rating
• 53.9% of messages responded within 1 minute during business hours

Have issues, queries or want to share your thoughts?
We're here to listen and help!

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PineConnector is the primary automation software I use for my TradingView strategies, and dozens of my Pine Script students love it too. If you trade through TradingView, you absolutely need to try the PineConnector EA.

Matthew Slabosz
PineScript Educator and YouTuber, and @TheArtofTrading

I was skeptical at first about using an automated trading platform, but PineConnector exceeded my expectations.

PineConnector's features are well-designed, and I'm excited to continue using this platform and seeing where it takes me in the future.

Swing Trader

As a beginner in trading, I was initially intimidated by the complexity of automated trading.

However, PineConnector made it easy for me to get started. The customer support team was also very helpful and responsive, which made the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Novice Trader

I've been involved in the trading industry for years, and I can honestly say that PineConnector is a game-changer. I can now focus on other aspects of my portfolio.

Overall, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take their trading to the next level.

Seasoned Trader

I have been using PineConnector for a few months now, and I am blown away by its reliability and ease of use.

It has helped me execute trades consistently and saved me countless hours of analyzing the market.

Highly recommend!

Day Trader

Thanks to PineConnector's seamless integration with my prop firm on MT4, I was able to connect my trading strategies and become a funded trader.

I am grateful for this platform's user-friendly interface and advanced features that have helped me achieve my trading goals.

Prop Trader

I had some questions about PineConnector, so I decided to reach out to their support team. To my delight, I received a prompt response from Tom, who provided me with clear guidance.

I really appreciate PineConnector's excellent customer service and the expertise of their support team.


Getting started may be daunting. Begin with these free strategies.

Refer to our detailed guide and reach out to us if you need help or have questions!

SuperTrend Strategy

The SuperTrend generates buy signals in uptrends and sell signals in downtrends.

With PineConnector, you can automatically:

  • Enter the market when a buy and sell signal appears.
  • Compute position size entry based on your account balance.
  • Automatically exit the previous position upon a new signal.

Bollinger Strategy

The Bollinger strategy generates buy signals in oversold conditions and sell signals in overbought conditions.

With PineConnector, you can automatically:

  • Enter the market when a buy and sell signal appears.
  • Compute position size entry based on your account balance.
  • Automatically exit the previous position upon a new signal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is PineConnector compatible with a VPS?
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