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PineConnector v3 License

PineConnector v3 License

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All plans offer the following features:

  • 1 Second Typical Latency
  • Any MT4/5 Broker
  • Unlimited Signals
  • All Symbols
  • 24/5 Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Maximum Connections:

  • Starter: 1 connection
  • Advanced: 3 connections
  • Professional: 10 connections

Detailed pricing plan can be found here.

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Starter Plan
Ideal for beginners, the Starter Plan is your gateway into trading, priced at an accessible $29.90 per month. It includes one maximum connection, ensuring a focused trading experience. Enjoy a rapid typical latency of one second and compatibility with any MT4/5 broker. This plan allows for unlimited signals and access to all symbols, supported by basic 24/5 customer assistance. With the freedom to cancel anytime, it features all EA functionalities, complete syntax commands, and the facility to monitor open and historical trades.

Advanced Plan
The Advanced Plan is tailor-made for intermediate traders, with a monthly rate of $49.90. Expanding your trading potential, it provides up to three maximum connections. It matches the Starter Plan with a one-second typical latency and MT4/5 broker compatibility, in addition to unlimited signals and symbol access. Along with basic 24/5 support, this plan allows for greater strategy complexity with multi-instance signals, full EA features, syntax commands, and trade history analysis. The Advanced Plan offers an excellent balance between functionality and cost.

Professional Plan
For the seasoned trader, the Professional Plan is the most extensive offering at $99.90 per month, facilitating up to ten maximum connections. This plan is built for extensive trading with a one-second typical latency, any MT4/5 broker support, unlimited signals, and access to all symbols. Prioritized 24/5 support ensures high-level traders receive the attention they need, while also including every feature from the Advanced Plan plus signal authentication for enhanced security. The Professional Plan is the definitive choice for the serious trader looking for maximum capability and reach.

Detailed pricing plan can be found here.