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24th October 2021

1. Release of PineConnector EAs – MT4 EA v2.102 and MT5 EA v2.058

▶ Added a Risk Management Panel
  • Added maximum open positions filter

  • Added a Safety Stop function
    > Basis options of Account Balance or Equity
    > Action options from mobile notification only to closing all open positions and orders
    > Trigger value – if balance/equity dips lower than specified value, the safety stop will trigger
    > Reactivation value – once balance/equity surpasses the indicated value, the EA will resume automatically

▶ Added EA Activation Controls

  • Run the EA on selected times
    > Send in “licenseid,eaon,eaon” to activate the EA or “licenseid,eaoff,eaoff” to deactivate
    > Alternatively, you may click on the new red or green button on the attached chart to deactivate or reactivate respectively​​

▶ Added Comment syntax

  • Add your own comments to each trade
    > E.g. comment=”strategy 1”

  • Important points:
    > If you specify a comment syntax, breakeven and trailing features will NOT be available for the trade
    > Please note that there is a comment length limit – kindly test your comment limit before usage

▶ Added ATR multiplier syntax

  • Multiply ATR value based on timeframe and period indicated
    > E.g. atrmultiplier=2
  • Optional syntax, no multiplier will be used if "atrmultiplier=” is not specified

▶  Added ATR trigger syntax
  • Delay ATR Trailing by specified number of pips
    > E.g. atrtrigger=10 – ATR trailing will begin only after moving 10 pips in the direction of the trade

▶ Removed automatic SL addition if SL not specified when using Pips Trailing feature

▶ Miscellaneous changes

  • Increased EA refresh speed

  • Improved “out of date” alert to be more helpful

2. Updated EA Guide to reflect the above additions

3. Updated Syntax Guide to reflect the the above additions

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