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31st January 2022

Snapshot of the additions in the PineConnector MT5 EA v2.068

1. Release of the Shadow Targets feature

Shadow Targets feature
Illustration of the Shadow Targets feature

Conceal your real targets with Shadow Targets, presently available with the “Pips” Target Type only. Send in your targets in pips as per normal, and the EA will place your SL and TP 100 pips further to conceal your levels. Once the market price hits the actual SL or TP, the EA will automatically close at the market.


  • Alert triggers with in “LicenseID,EURUSD,sl=20,tp=30,risk=1
  • EURUSD’s current market price: 1.3180 (entry)
  • Actual SL: 1.3160 (entry-20 pips)
  • Actual TP: 1.3210 (entry+30 pips)
  • Shadow SL (sent to broker): 1.3060 (entry-20-100* pips)
  • Shadow TP (sent to broker): 1.3310 (entry+30+100* pips)
  • When EURUSD hits either your actual SL or TP, the EA will close the position at the market

* shadow pips value fixed at 100 pips

2. Release of the Time Filter

Trade only at selected hours based on your broker time by inputting your preference in the EA itself. Your local and broker times will be printed on the chart for reference. Entries during active period will be processed. Entries during the inactive period will be acknowledged in the Experts Tab but the signal will not be processed.


  • From 00:00 to 24:00 – EA will always be active
  • From 08:00 to 12:00 – EA will only trigger entries from 8am to 12noon
  • From 21:00 to 09:00 – EA will only trigger entries from 9pm to 9am

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