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6th October 2021

1. Release of new PineConnector EAs - MT4 EA v2.101 & MT5 EA v2.057
  • Added a new Pyramiding “OFF” Option which is more restrictive
    > To allow either 1 buy or 1 sell at any point of time

  • Added new SL/TP modification commands, computed based on pips, price or percentage (as selected in the EA settings)
    > newsltplong - moves SL, TP, or both SL and TP of all buy positions with that symbol
    > newsltpshort - moves SL, TP, or both SL and TP of all sell positions with that symbol
  • Sample syntax: licenseid,newsltpshort,EURUSD,sl=1.123
    > licenseid,newsltpshort,EURUSD,tp=15
    > licenseid,newsltpshort,EURUSD,sl=10,tp=20
2. Updated EA Guide to reflect the new Pymraiding “OFF” option

3. Updated Syntax Guide to reflect the SLTP modification additions

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