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Launch of the PineConnector Server Dashboard


Snapshot of the new PineConnector Server Dashboard

PineConnector Server Dashboard

Dear Client,

The prior week was a rough week for the PineConnector server.

Urgent Reboot

After the server migration, we detected that the server's performance was not up to our standards and made the required changes. To apply those changes, we rebooted the server prior to the US session. Clients with an active license were notified directly.

Hurricane Ian

A few days later, we were made aware that Hurricane Ian was hitting our datacenter in Tampa. On the datacenter's end, they took measures to keep servers operational under extreme conditions. Should power be lost from the main grid, diesel powered generators were on standby. On our end, we made our backup servers (at an unaffected datacenter) more robust and to activate with minimal delay.

While there was no need for the backup generators and servers to be activated, we cannot rule out that some of your signals could have been affected.


Understanding the importance of our role in your automated trading journey, we decided to be transparent with our server status.

We are launching the new PineConnector Server Dashboard. You may view our live and historical server status, and subscribe to our server updates.

View the PineConnector Server Dashboard


Final Words

While the server was operating suboptimally due to the abovementioned instances, we believe that the worst is behind us. The new server is able to process your signals quicker, and runs with a latency approximately 60% lower than before.

Should you have questions or improvement suggestions, please feel free to reply to this email.

We hope you have a meaningful last quarter of 2022.

Best regards,
Tech Lead

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