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Affiliate Program


Please refer to the updated Affiliate page here:

How does it work?
For every customer you refer to us, you will receive a commission. You simply have to have your audience click your unique link. A cookie mechanism will trigger and we will be notified when a subscription has been made. There will be an intranet whereby you can track your number of referrals, orders, conversion rate, sales dollars and earning dollars.

After registration, please contact us at and indicate how you intend to use the affiliate link.

Kindly note that we only approve parties who are subscribed to the PineConnector License – we prefer affiliates who are actual users of the platform. 

Commission Rates
We provide a 5% recurring commission for referrals. 

Referring 50 clients where they all subscribe to one monthly plan each will translate to $62.25 (50*24.90*0.05) earnings monthly

Referring 50 clients where they all subscribe to the annual plan will translate to $597 (50*238.80*0.05) earnings yearly.

Please note that above assumes 1 license per client, while in reality, a client may have more than 1 concurrent licenses subscribed.

Referral Cookie Duration
Affiliate tracking cookies will last for 30 days. 

14 Day Pending/Delay Period
Each commission will be placed into a pending/holding period for 14 days after the customer subscribes to our services. This is to make room for potential fraud. 

Payment Policy
There is a minimum payout of $50. All eligible payments will be paid directly to your PayPal account.