MetaTrader Errors

Here are some common errors generated when placing trades through PineConnector.


MetaTrader 4

 Error Value Description Remarks
130 Invalid stops

You might have sent a an alert in pips while your EA setting is set to price. Alternatively, your SL is higher or TP is lower than your current price for long trades and vice versa.

*Also check your EA settings - it might be in pips target when you intend for price targets and vice versa.

**Ensure that your SL is not too close. You may check the minimum stops of the symbol in the symbol list under "Stops level".

131 Invalid trade volume Ensure minimum and incremental volume supported by broker. See symbol information (CTRL+U)
132 Market is closed TGIF no more trading
133 Trade is disabled

Symbol restricted by broker.

Ensure that Live Trading is Allowed, and that the Symbol used is exactly as per your Symbol List (CTRL+U)

4017 DLL calls are not allowed Allow DLL calls in your EA and options


For a full list of MetaTrader 4 (MQL4) errors, please refer HERE.


MetaTrader 5

 Error Value Description
Trading by Expert Advisors prohibited
Allow trading in the EA properties.
Trade request sending failed

On your MT5 Terminal, please go to the "Journal" tab at the bottom and look for the Error.

It should indicate "Unsupported Filling Mode", "No Prices" or "Invalid Request".


1. Unsupported filling mode

    • Please ensure you are using the latest MT5 EA available. In the EA Settings (F7 on your MetaTrader terminal), under "Broker Set", select "Broker Set B".

    2. No prices

      • Symbol not highlighed in yellow in symbol list. Next alert onwards for the symbol should go through.

      3. Invalid request 

        • Please ensure that the symbol you used in your TradingView message matches exactly your Symbol List (CTRL+U on your MetaTrader 5)
          Array not in range Varied -

          Please contact support through our email or LiveChat.


          For a full list of MetaTrader 5 (MQL5) errors, please refer HERE.