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Sensitive Script

Adding the 'Input function' for license ID, pre and post symbol identifiers 

For script providers/source code owners:

If you have a TradingView script whereby the codes are sensitive and not meant to be shared with clients, we have some code recommendations to allow our clients to integrate to your scripts with PineConnector bridging services.


For users without source code:

If you are using a TradingView script/indicator/study whereby you do not have the source code, you may also use contact the provider with the information below. When the script provider adds the code appropriately, it will become compatible with PineConnector services.

Adding the code

The code ( is to be added at the bottom of your script. It will open up the inputs section


whereby your clients can input their: 

1) PineConnector License ID

2) Symbol pre-identifier

3) Symbol post-identifier


All of that can be achieved while your source code is kept secret.



Assuming on client is on the EURUSD chart with the inputs below, long alert, sl=0 and tp=1,

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 9.52.28 PM.png


The output message will be:



With that, the message alert is now compatible for PineConnector users. 

Please let us know if you have difficulties integrating the recommended code into your scripts.