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EA Sessions Pineconnector sessions

Automatically toggle between activate and inactive sessions for the PineConnector EA.

At the start of the active timing, an alert will be sent to activate your EA, similarly for end of active timing.

Looking to automate your TradingView strategies while your broker is on MetaTrader?
Try PineConnector for 7 days – credit card not required.

Steps to use this EA Session:
Create a PineScript and attach the code below

// © PineConnector

indicator("EA Sessions (PineConnector)", "", true)

LicenseID = 50123456789 // 1. update to your PineConnector License ID
TimeActive = time("D", "0600-2000:23456", "GMT+8") // 2. update to your desired operating timings. days active (23456 = Monday to Friday), and timezone of choice (London = GMT-0, Singapore = GMT+8)

bgcolor(TimeActive ?,88) :, 88))

plotshape(TimeActive and not TimeActive[1], style=shape.labelup, location=location.belowbar,, size=size.large, text='Alert Fire: \nReactivate PineConnector EA', textcolor=color.white)
plotshape(TimeActive[1] and not TimeActive, style=shape.labeldown, location=location.abovebar,, size=size.large, text='Alert Fire: \nHalt PineConnector EA', textcolor=color.white)

if TimeActive
    alert(str.tostring(LicenseID)+",eaon,eaon", alert.freq_once_per_bar)
if TimeActive[1] and not TimeActive
    alert(str.tostring(LicenseID)+",eaoff,eaoff", alert.freq_once_per_bar)

Edit 2 rows of the code

● License ID found in the PineConnector members area (e.g. 60123456789)
● TimeActive -> Preferred time active, days active, and timezone

Save the code, and click "Add to Chart"

Create alert

ea sessions pineconnector

Ensure you select "EA sessions (PineConnector)" when creating an alert.


hello pls, how do i download this free EA of pineconnector. thanks, peter from nigeria

peter chuku

I modified the script with the ID in my use, but at the change of the time slot the EA does not change the status, what can it depend on?

Daniele Bigazzi

thank you very much


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