TradingView Alerts Setup

This guide is to assist you in setting up your TradingView Alerts. We will show you how to send test alerts followed by options on generating your alerts. We recommend all users to use the "automatic input" method in Section 3 due to its scalability.

Please refer to "Syntax", the way alert messages are to be phrased, in conjunction with this guide.

Section Description Remarks
1 Sending a test alert To test TradingView to MetaTrader connection and experiment with the EA settings.
2 Manual input of TradingView messages No access to source code or a beginner at Pine Script
3 Automatic input of TradingView messages Full access and has some knowledge in Pine Script
4 Automatic input and Multiple Concurrent Symbols Full access and proficient in Pine Script

Section 1: Sending a Test Alert

If you have difficulties triggering a trade,
please reach out to us via LiveChat or Email.

Description Remarks
1 On the chart with the PineConnector EA, press F7 to access the EA Settings.

Ensure your EA settings as follows:

1) Target Type: TP & SL based on pips
2) Volume Type: Specified Volume
2 Hold “Ctrl+U” to open the symbol list and locate "EURUSD".

Double click all symbols to ensure that they are all lit in yellow.

Input the symbol with reference to the left column.
Symbol to input is EURUSD

Symbol to input is EURUSDm#
3 On any chart and timeframe on TradingView, create an alert with the following parameters:

1) Condition: Value greater than 0

2) Webhook URL:

3) Message: yourlicenseid,buy,EURUSD,sl=100,risk=1
(please change license ID and symbol accordingly)

Click on "Create" and wait for alert to pop.
4 You should be able to see your alert in the Alerts Log and see the trade open in your MetaTrader.

If there was an Error Popup, please refer to the Error Guide HERE.

Note: If you do not see a trade, please check that your symbol used ("EURUSD") is correct. If symbol used is incorrect, you will need to reattach the EA.
5 On the bottom right corner of your MetaTrader terminal,
Click on "Experts".

Here, you can see more details on how the trade was processsed.

We recommend that you track the Experts Tab to better understand the EA.

Done with Alert Test!

Section 2: Manual Input of TradingView messages

If you have your own TradingView/Pine Script strategy/study, please jump to Section 3.

Description Remarks
1 On the symbol and timeframe you would like to trade, create an alert with the following:

Condition: Choose the script you would like to use.  

Options: Choose the appropriate option. (We recommend once per bar close to avoid repainting issues)  

Message: Input your message according to PineConnector's syntax. You may find the syntax guide HERE.
2 Your alerts will now trigger each time conditions are met, with the message you have hard-coded.

Unfortunately, you will have to manually add alerts on every symbol, timeframe and direction (long/short). If you have 25 symbols and 2 directions, you will have to create 50 alerts and manually key in your messages. Therefore, we recommend automatic inputs found in Section 3 below.
3 For more information, please refer to TradingView's alertcondition() Guide HERE.

Section 3: Automatic Input of TradingView messages (Recommended)

If you have difficulties triggering a trade,
please reach out to us via LiveChat or Email.

Description Remarks
1 With your current Pine Script Strategy/Study, add the alert() codes.

Change your license ID accordingly.

You may find the Syntax Guide HERE.

8 alerts options with 1 MetaTrader Account

2 When done coding, apply 1 alert to each symbol you would like to trade.

Under conditions, select the Script you just coded.

Ensure Webhook URL is:

Alert name need not change. Alert message will produce based on what you coded.
3 For more information, please refer to TradingView's alert() Guide HERE.

Section 4: Automatic Input and Multiple Concurrent Symbols (Advanced)

Description Remarks
With the sample script, you can only have a max 8 symbols supporting both long and short alerts. This is due to 40 security call limit per script. If your system has a set SL and TP (i.e. same number of pips), you will be able to have even more symbols for that one alert.

Important Note:
1. Too many alertstriggering in a short space of time will result in your alert being halted. This is a safety feature by TradingView.
2. Security function has a reputation for repainting. Use code at your own risk. To learn more about the security() function, read it HERE.
For more information please refer to the link below:

Multiple Symbols, Dynamic StopLoss and Take Profits