MT5 EA Setup

Note: If you are using a VPS, ensure that you are using minimally Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10.

Instructions Remarks
1 Download the MT5 EA from our Intranet. Intranet Link
2 Open your MetaTrader 5. Click “File” on the top left and then click “Open Data Folder”. Italian Trulli
3 In your Data Folder, click on “MQL5”. Italian Trulli
4 In your MQL5 folder, click on “Experts”. Italian Trulli
5 In your Experts folder, paste the PineConnector EA that you downloaded. Italian Trulli
6 Close your MetaTrader 5 and re-open the application. N/A
7 On the top bar, click “Tools” and then “Options”. Tick the box for “Allow DLL imports” and close the options tab. Italian Trulli
8 Open Navigator by pressing “Ctrl+N”. Italian Trulli
9 Right click on “PineConnector MT5” and click “Attach to Chart”.

Note: It does not matter which chart, but you will have to leave the chart open.
Italian Trulli
10 Under the Common tab, tick “Allow Algo Trading”. Italian Trulli
11 Under Dependencies, tick “Allow DLL imports”. Italian Trulli
12 Under Inputs, double click “INPUT LICENSE ID” and paste your LICENSE ID, and click "OK"

Note: The License ID is a long string of numbers. It can be found in the intranet.
Intranet Link
13 You will see this popup.

Paste in the same License ID to continue.
Italian Trulli
14 You will see the expiry date of the license on the top left of your chart ( This means you have successfully connected to the PineConnector server. Italian Trulli
15 Click on “Algo Trading” at the top of your screen if it is in red. This is to allow Algo Trading. Italian Trulli
16 Your trading bot is now ready to send orders through TradingView alerts to MetaTrader 5.

Done with EA Setup!
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