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Please refer to the updated FAQ here:

I have an issue with the EA/trades not triggering/faced an error. What should I do?
Most issues have been addressed in the Error Guide here.

If the issue you faced was not addressed in the Error Guide, you may consider reaching out to PineConnector support via email ( or reach out to us via LiveChat during our office hours.

When reaching out, please provide the following for investigation:

 1. Alerts Log 
- The alerts log is found on your TradingView terminal, below where you create alerts
- Ensure that the screenshot(s) clearly shows the full alert message
- Mark the alerts with issues (circled, boxed, etc)
- This is to allow diagnosis of your alert message as there might be issues with your syntax

2. Relavant Experts Output 
- The Experts tab is at the bottom of your MT4/5 terminal
- Mark the Experts relevant output 
- The Experts log will allow us to understand how the EA was processing the signals

3. Other Relevant Information
- For instance, if the issue involves one or multiple EA features, please share a screenshot of the EA settings that is printed on your chart

What is PineConnector and how does it work?
PineConnector is a user-friendly bridge that enables retail traders to auto-execute TradingView alerts on MT4 & MT5 without fancy coding. Trade FX, Indices, Commodities, Crypto, and other symbols to all MT4 & MT5 brokers in 1 second.

How do I contact support?
If you have questions, please feel free to send us an email at or leave us a message by click the blue icon at the bottom right of any PineConnector page. We usually reply within 1 working day.

How long are we entitled to the free trial period?

The free trial period is entitled for 7-days.

Who qualifies for the free trial?
All new users qualify for a free trial.
Please note that creating another account does not entitle you to another trial.

How does the 7-day free trial period work?
The 7-day free trial works by having you set-up the PineConnector EA on your MetaTrader 4/5. When you key in your license ID, the license will automatically allow 7-day of use. To continue using, you will have to purchase a license in our store. The trial is to allow you to know whether PineConnector is right for you.

What happens after my free trial ends?
After the 7-days free trial, the EA will automatically remove itself from your MetaTrader platform and you will not be able to log-in with your license ID. To continue using the PineConnector service, you will have to subscribe to a license plan found in our store.

Does the free trial limit any access to features?
There are no limitations when you are on your free trial. The features and execution speed is exactly the same as the paid version.

Can I move my trial license to a different account?
Yes you may. To view and amend your licenses, please refer to the Licensing Dashboard in the members' portal.

What is the difference between a monthly and annually subscription?
We provide the same features for our monthly and annually subscriptions with a fee of $14.90/month (monthly) and $12.42/month (annually).

How can I cancel my subscription?
You may cancel your subscription by clicking "manage subscriptions" in your members portal.

Are there discount for purchasing multiple licenses?
Yes there are!

For purchases of 2 licenses, you qualify for a 10% discount off the recurring bill. Apply the code "DUO" at checkout.
For purchases of 3 or more licenses, you qualify for a 20% discount off the recurring bill. Apply the code "TRIO" at checkout.

Can the trading accounts be on separate PCs?
Yes they can be on separate computers or VPS.

Do I have to leave TradingView or Chrome open?
No. Only your MetaTrader.

Is PineConnector compatible with a VPS?
Yes, PineConnector EAs are compatible with VPS which are running Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 or newer. Also, please ensure that your VPS provider allows DLL imports.

If you are looking for a PineConnector-compatible VPS, please consider the PineConnector VPS here.

Why is the EA license details not showing on the chart after inputting my License ID? 
It’s usually an issue whereby you're using a non-compatible system like Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8. Please ensure that you are using Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 or Windows 10/11 for Windows. 

If you are looking for a PineConnector-compatible VPS, please consider the PineConnector VPS here.

Can I use the default MT4/5 or the one provided by my broker?
You may use either the default MT4/5 or the version provided by your broker with PineConnector.


I'd like to run on multiple trading accounts. If I purchase multiple licenses, can I run them all on the same computer with multiple accounts? If so, how do I set that up?
Yes, you may run PineConnector on multiple trading accounts.
You will have to create a few MT4/5 instances on your computer to run them all at the same time.

Please refer to this external source on creating multiple MT4/5 instances here:

Also, you will require one License ID per Trading Account, and you simply have to add new lines of alert() code as per Option 9 of the Sample Alerts Script here:

How can I avoid multiple trades at the same time?
You may want to explore the Pyramiding EA feature in the EA Guide here.

What is your refund policy?
We provide the 7-day free trial without collecting your credit card information to let you understand our platform without any risk on your end. With that in mind, we do not facilitate refunds in most cases.

I am getting Error 130/131/132/133/134/4017/4051/4106/4109/4752/4756, how can I fix it?
The remedy for these errors can be found in the Error Guide here.

After adding my License ID, I do not see the license information such as the Expiry Date. What can I do?
Please ensure that you are Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016/2019/2022.
Windows 8 and older, and Windows Server 2012 are not compatible with PineConnector.

If you require a VPS, please consider the PineConnector VPS here.

Why is my EA not taking any trades from TradingView signals?

There could be several reasons as to why your EA is not taking any trades from TradingView. Please refer to the Error Guide under "Trades not Triggering".

Will my data be private and safe?
We take data privacy and security seriously at PineConnector. We only collect necessary information to facilitate the conversion from TradingView alerts to MetaTrader trades. We only collect your TradingView alert message that you sent to our server, your trading account number and your trading account name.

Other data such as your broker details and account balance are NOT collected.